Joel Taylor defends Australian Welterweight Title

Men’s Australian Welterweight title:  Joel Taylor (champion) v Cesur Afacan

The main event on the Will Tomlinson show of 2nd September 2023 was Joel Taylor defending his Australian Welterweight title against the challenger Cesur Afacan.  Both boxer weighted in at 66.4 kg.   The contest wasa great and competitive Australian title fight that went 10 rounds.  Joel was the aggressor most of the fight and landed consistently to the body and head. Cesur showed great speed and foot and hand, landed cleanly, but was not able to combat Joel’s aggression and combinations.  Cesur went down in the 9th round but recovered well and went on to win the 10th round on all the judge’s cards.  When the scores were read out Joel Taylor was declared the winner by a split decision.  The ANBF congratulates both Joel and Cesur on a truly great Australian title fight and Joel for defending his Australian Welterweight title in such fashion.

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