Rules & Forms

Rules & Forms



The Australian National Boxing Federation (ANBF) first adopted the ANBF Rules in 1994.  They have been updated many times since then in an effort to improve the rules and make them clearer.

The ANBF rules can be thought of as composed of two topics:

1)      The rules for the conduct for boxing.  These rules pertain to the matter of how boxing contests are undertaken and include issues such as ring specification, bandaging, medical requirements, duties and licencing of the officials, scoring, rules of contracts (cut eye, fouls, knockdowns etc.), code of behaviour and so on.  The rules for female boxing and included here under Section 10.

2)      Australian Title rules and procedures.  This presents the rules for the sanctioning of Australia titles, ratings, obligations of Australian champions, deprivation of the Australian title etc.  This is Section 7 of the ANBF Rules.

At the 2015 ANBF Annual General Meeting held on 24th October 2015, the ANBF Rules were changed in two regards:

  • The rules of the conduct of boxing were modified in a number of areas in an effort to both improved the rules and make them more clearly read;
  • Chapter 7 (that prescribed the Australian Title rules and procedures) was re-written.  This was in response to three issues:
    • situations that had arisen over the past several years in the sanctioning of Australian titles that the rules did not adequately cover
    • to update the rules to be consistent with the manner the ANBF now operates
    • to make the rules more clearly read.

The ANBF Rules that relate to the conduct of boxing are only used in Queensland and South Australia.  In New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia the government controlling bodies use their own rules of conduct (which are nevertheless very close to the ANBF Rules).

Because the Australian Title rules and procedures are often used without the need for the ANBF Rules that relate to the conduct of boxing, a separate document titled “ANBF Rules Section 7 Aust Titles 1Nov15” has also been developed.