National Womens Ratings

Women Champions and Contenders as of 15th July 2019

Australian Champions

Malakay Moukayber (NSW) - Super Welterweight
Kylie Hutt (WA) - Welterweight
Rachel Loder (NSW) - Lightweight
Bianca Elmir (ACT) - Featherweight


State Champions

Queensland Flyweight: Sarah George (QLD)

Australian & State Contenders

Margarite Butcher – Super Middleweight (QLD)
Sarah Dwyer – Middleweight (WA)
Tayla Harris – Middleweight (QLD)
Desley Robinson - Middleweight (QLD)
Natalie Jenkinson - Super Welterweight (NSW)
Donna Sadler - Super Welterweight (WA)
Arlene Blencowe - Welterweight (NSW)
Aimee Addis – Welterweight (QLD)
Janay Harding – Welterweight (QLD)
Lauryn Eagle - Super Featherweight (NSW) * (IBA World super-featherweight champion)
Deanha Hobbs- Super featherweight (QLD) * WBO Asia Pacific Champion
Jessica Retallack – Super Featherweight (QLD)
Carol Earl - Super Featherweight (NSW)
Sally Bunt - Super Bantamweight (VIC)
Krystina Jacobs - Featherweight (TAS)
Reanne Ware - Featherweight (WA)
Shannon O'Connell - Super Bantamweight (QLD)
April Adams - Super Bantamweight (QLD) * (WBO Asia Pacific Super Bantamweight Champion)
Susie Ramadan – Super Bantamweight (VIC)
Cherneka Johnson – Super Bantamweight (QLD) * (WIBA World Bantamweight Champion)
Sylvia Schiavoni – Bantamweight (VIC) * (WIBA World Super Flyweight Champion)
Monthida Rattanachai - Flyweight (QLD)
Louisa Hawton – Strawweight (WA) * (WBO Light Flyweight Champion)

Australian titles are contested over 8 x 2 minute rounds and State titles over 6 x 2 rounds

Please note that at the 2017 ANBF Annual General Meeting women’s weights were made the same as men’s weights.