Max Reeves takes Super Middleweight Title

Men’s Australian Super-Middleweight title:  Max Reeves v Joe Corner

The co-main event on the Will Tomlinson show of 2nd September 2023, saw the mandatory challenger Max Reeves meet Joe Corner for the vacant Australian Super-Middleweight title.  Max weighted in at 76.0 kg and Joe at 74.0 kg.  The fight saw Max as the bigger and stronger boxer and the aggressor, landing well, and clearly winning the first two rounds.   Joe was knocked down toward the end of the third round.  Joe showed great character throughout the fight in attempting to match his stronger opponent, and in surviving the third round.  Joe was knocked down again in the fourth round after which the referee stopped the congest.  The ANBF congratulates both Max and Joe on a great fight, and Max for becoming the new Australian Super-Middleweight champion.

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