Issac Hardman defeats Singh

At Middleweight, Tej Pratap Singh travelled to Brisbane to defend his title against young up-and-coming Issac Hardman. 

Hardman, known for his heavy hands, meant that Singh adopted a plan to stay as close to Hardman as possible, to try and take away leverage from Hardmans renowned punching power. For the first half of the bout, Singh walked forward, staying on Hardmans chest, and Hardman picked Singh off with flurries of shots to the head and body. Singh had a lot of success with single hard shots, especially later in the fight, when he upped the tempo a lot more. At the final bell. Judges had seen it 97-93, 98-92 and 96-96 for a MD to Hardman. Giving him the Aussie title in his 8th bout.

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