O’Meley the new Welterweight champ



The first Defence by current ANBF Super Welterweight Champion Adrain Rodriguez (12.02.02.) from Queensland was held at the East Cessnock Bowling Club on Saturday 7Th of March 2020. This Club is rapidly becoming a popular venue for Amateur and Professional Boxing in the North of NSW. The Challenger was Troy O’Meley who lives on the North Coast of NSW and is a very popular identity in that area and engages in several Sports. This being  a Title Defence the Bout was scheduled for 10 X  3 Min Rounds.

In the opening round Rodiriguez was in control early and had his Opponent O’Meley down for an 8 count, the Challenger was on his feet quickly and did not show any signs of distress, however soon after the Champion landed a cracking right hand on O’Meley which caused a rather nasty cut on his left eye. The Referee Shane Stamford ruled the cut to be caused by a punch, which of cause means if the Bout is stopped because of the cut then Rodriguez would be declared Winner. This was not to be however as the Doctor visited the corner at the end of Round 1  and permitted the Bout to continue.

The eventful first round seemed to spur on the local Boxer (O’Meley) and he came forward forcefully when action resumed and won the next round on all cards. This front foot action continued with both Boxers trading forcefully making the rounds close for the Judges to decide. However after another round it appeared the Champion Rodriguez had injured his right hand and seemed reluctant to through a right hand punch. This however did not cause any reduction to the all out action as both boxers traded punches vigorously. On two more occasions the Doctor Ian Jeffery visited the Challengers corner to inspect the eye, however Trainer Rob Fogarty did a magnificent job of stemming the flow of blood.

The all out action continued for the remainder of the rounds and the majority of the crowd were on their feet and shouting with excitement. The end result after the Judges cards had been totalled gave a unanimous decision to the Challenger Troy O’Meley and he became the new ANBF Super Welterweight Champion of Australia


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