Mannu takes Vic Silver Super Lightweight Title

Viuctorian John Mannu has taken the Vic state silver Super Lightweight over Josh Gottschalk in a unaminous decision at the St Kilda town hall on the 29th February

Vic Title Supervisor with John Mannu (L) and Josh Gottschalk (R)


The bout was a close, and fairly contested contest, fought with vigour and in good spirit by both competitors over 6 rounds
.Referee Tony Maretta rarely needed to intervene, and when he did, both fighters listened to and followed his instructions.Whilst the result was a unanimous points decision to JOHN MANNU, the fight was definitely close, with both boxers having moments of dominance. They both displayed an amount of skill expected from competitors at this level,  the bout was a very good example of what the ABF Vic was hoping for and expecting for a Silver State Title.

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