Leek Ko’s Higgins for Vacant Australasian Super Middlweight Title

On 2 December 2023 Mitchell Leek met Lachlan Higgins for the vacant Australasian Super Middleweight title.  The fight had generated a great deal of interest, and many were expected a very close and hard contest.The fight opened with both boxers showing much respect for the other.  Midway through the round Lachlan appeared to put his hands down and was very quickly knocked down, although he did not appear to be hurt.  The fight then continued with Lachlan continuing to search for opening with his jab, when he a caught with a monstrous left hook by Michell that had the referee end the fight after Lachlan could clearly not get up.

While Mitchell was undefeated coming into this fight, this was a huge statement about his where is now is and is intending to go.  If there was a knock-out of the year this would be a very strong contender.


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