National AGM – New President. Mr Andrew Campbell

At the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Australian National Boxing Federation (ANBF) that was held on 18th November 2023 at Crowne plaza Melbourne, new people were elected to ANBF executive positions (as a result of long-standing people stepping down) and changes were made to the ANBF rules of ANBF titles.

Outgoing President Derek Milham stepped down after Joining the ANBF and professional ranks in 1990 after approximately ten years in the amateurranks. Holding Executive positions with the QABA and officiating as an amateur ring official. Many years of officiating as a referee in the amateurs had Derek well prepared to officiate in the pro’s, which led to officiating Australian Ftle bouts, main events and in a short Frame international bouts both at home and overseas.
Derek was appointed to an executive position on the ANBF in a very short Frame after joining and became the Secretary of the ANBF NaFonal body in the early nineties a position he held for five years. During this Frame Derek had a call from the US which eventuated in the ANBF International coordinator Jack Rennie getting involved with the WBF and Jack was
responsible for getting many Australian Boxers and Ring Officials activity in Asia. Derek stood down as the National Secretary to take the position of NaFonal President but stayed for only one term. However, he was kept busy with the State ANBF branch holding multiple offices Vice President and Ring Official Chairman a position held for many years. Derek was
responsible for training many of Queensland’s ring officials who have gone on be some of the best in the Country and gone on to officiate overseas in World title bouts. Although
Derek has stepped down, he has agreed to continue conduction ring official seminars, which have been developed by himself and have been passed on to the QLD branch. In recent
years Derek returned to the National body spending one year as National Treasurer and the last four years as the National President. Derek felt it was time to step down at 77 years of
age and spending 33 years in the industry.

Derek got to officiate on many World Title fights with the highlight being the referee of the WBA Heavyweight World Title Nickolai Valuev Vs John Ruiz in Berlin in 2008.
During Derek’s time in the professional industry, he has held the positions of National President, National Secretary, National Vice President, Director of the Commonwealth
Boxing Council, Vice President of the PABA, Founder and Secretary of the WBA Oceania.

The ANBF wish Derek well in his retirement from boxing

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