Media Release- Exciting introduction of New Weight Division

ANBF Rules Changes
The rule changes associated with ANBF titles that have been made are as follows.
ANBF Super Cruiserweight Title
The ANBF has re-introduced a Super Cruiserweight division to all of its titles.
The maximum weight of this division is to be 101.604 kg (224 lbs).
The heavyweight division will be left unchanged.
The reason for re-introducing this division (the ANBF had this many years ago) was a recognition that there are many boxers who fall between the Cruiserweights division and the weight that many heavyweight boxers now compete at.
To commence this new division, it is planned to hold a Registration of Interest starting early January 2024 and finishing late January 2024.
Details of this will be forwarded in December 2023.
Commonwealth Boxing Council Title and the Australian Title
The Commonwealth Boxing Council (CBC) title will now be treated the same as a regional title in relation to a boxer holding both titles.
This means that a boxer will not be able to hold both the Commonwealth Boxing Council Title and the Australian Title (or the ANBF Australasian title).
The reason for this was to ensure that the Australian title and the ANBF Australasian title are not held-up by a boxer who is also the CBC champion.
While not a change in an ANBF Rule, the practice will change such that that a boxer that is eligible to be rated in more than one division may be rated in those divisions.

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