Paul Nasari Promotion Revesby Workers Club 30 June 2023

ANBF FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE  Liam Pope  v    Nestor Bolum.

Prior to the commencement of the Australian Title the crowd were asked to stand in silence as the Bell was struck 10 times in honour of recently passed Boxers Ray Wheatley and Rocky Gatterllari .Both Boxers began very quickly with Pope using his height and reach while Bolum looking very experienced moved well however Pope landed regularly  with his left lead  and moved well to be in control.

As there had been no warm up time both Boxers were into the Bout at the beginning of each round with Pope coming forward jabbing and landing an occasional right hand.

As the fight progressed Bolum seemed to call on his experience and used his ability to slip and duck the fast moving Pope. the crowd very loud and cheered both Boxers constantly throughout. Further into the Bout Bolum was countering during each round using his very clever slip and counter moves while his target Pope came forward jabbing and occasionally landing with his right hand. Toward the end of the Bout Pope’s consistent aggression had an effect on his Opponent and Bolum was tiring noticeably.

Into the final round both Boxers had a surge of energy particularly Pope who seemed to take control and right on the final Bell decked Bolum for an 8 count once he was on his feet and prepared to Box on the final bell was rung to end an exciting very active contest.

The Result was a split points decision to Liam Pope

The New Australian National Boxing Federation Featherweight Champion. Lucas, 96-94 Bolum. Hogan. 96-93 Pope. Soulos 97-92 Pope.

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