Australian Women’s Super Featherweight title. Angel Rushton

Tywarna Campbell v Angel Rushton.

Tywarna Campbell traveled to Brisbane for the first time, attempting to defend the title she won last year in NSW.

From the opening bell, Campbell stalked Rushton. Attempting to corner her and pin her to the ropes, but round after round Rushton used a high level of ring IQ to keep manoeuvering out of harms way. Rushton would throw 2 to 3 punches at a time and then move. Leaving Campbell often hitting nothing but air. Some frustration crept in for Campbell and in the later rounds she became even more aggressive, really trying to go after Rushton. She had her successes but not enough. Rushton stayed composed and stuck to the plan. Boxing and moving.

At the end of 8 rounds, Angel Rushton was declared the points winner and the new Australian Women’s Super Featherweight Champion.



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