Ben Kelleher New Cruiserweight Champion

Vacant Men’s Australian Cruiserweight Title between Khalid Baker and Ben Kelleher on 25th March 2023 at the Melbourne Pavilion, Victoria.

There was much anticipation on the Australian Cruiserweight Title between Khalid Baker and Ben Kelleher.  Ben was a former Australian champion and Khalid was undefeated.

From the opening bell the pattern of the fight Ben moving forward and leading with both left and right hand punches and Khalid circling the ring.  Khalid started slowly being outworked by Ben in the early rounds.  The fifth round was very close with Khalid starting to open up more.  Round 6 and seven continued with Khalid circling and increasing the exchanges with Ben.

About a minute into Round 8 Ben caught Khalid with a sold right hand and which had the referee step the fight for the reason that Khalid could not defend himself.

Khalid was clearly upset at being stepped in that fashion while Ben was excited at becoming the new Australian Cruiserweight champion.

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