Mayweather successfully defends the Australian Super Middleweight title.

The defending champion was Abdoul Mayweather from Queensland. This was his first defence of the title, up against New South Wales’ Ali Elrich.Elrich was giving away 4 inches in height and from the opening round he was struggling to get inside. Mayweather used his long jab and straight right hands to keep Elrich at bay.In round 2, a straight right hand to the sternum dropped Elrich. He rose at 7 and the referee allowed him to continue.As the rounds went on, Mayweather wore down Elrich, to Elrich’s credit he did not stop trying however. At the conclusion of round 7, referee John Watson told the Elrich corner that he would be allowed one more round and then at the conclusion of round 8, the fight was called off.

Scores at the time of stoppage were 79-72, 80-71, 80-71.Mayweather successfully defended the Australian Super Middleweight title.



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