Hawker v Jacobs – vacant Australasian female featherweight title

Reigning Australian female featherweight champion, Beck Hawker of Queensland, has travelled to Hobart to challenge Krystina ‘Mousey’ Jacobs, in an attempt to add the vacant Australasian female featherweight title to her resume.

The bout started at a fast and furious pace and stayed that way for the duration. Beck was the aggressor, throwing hard right hands and backing Mousey Jacobs up at every opportunity.
Jacobs, who had a large fan base in attendance, had some successes early on with counter left hooks. But it wasn’t enough to stop the relentless onslaught from Hawker.

In round 5, Jacobs succumbed and took a knee after a hard bodyshot. Referee Adam Ransley counted over her and Jacobs rose to her feet and saw out the round.


In round 6, Beck looked to finish the fight. Jacobs went down one more time. She rose again and Ransley allowed her to continue. Shortly after this second knockdown, whilst pinned against the ropes under a barrage of punches, Ransley waved the fight off.


Scores at the end of round 5 were 50-44 x3.

Hawker is now the Queensland, Australian and Australasian featherweight champion.

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