#5 The Judges Card by Charlie Lucas


No one can question the absolute courage of Sydney Boxer Lenny Zappavinga, who in recent times has been Boxing in the USA. He recently lost to Alex Saucedo in what has been described as potential fight of the year, Lenny has been Boxing for sometime now and has a record 37-4-0 There has been talk of him now retiring and this may happen as Lenny said in a recent interview. I do hope he is not lost completely to our Sport and would like to see such a good person involved in some way in the future.

I had an interesting conversation with former ANBF Light/Heavyweight Champion Steve Cansdell from the mid-seventies recently and as always, I learned a great deal. Steve had a good solid Career with 29 Professional Bouts, prior to that he had 7 Amateur Bouts. Steve is a well credentialled former business man as well as holding a seat in the NSWState Parliament from 2005 until 2011. He found his way into Boxing by accident after walking into the Late Ernie McQuillans Gym when he read a sign which advertised Boxing and Weight Lifting he had intended to increase his body weight to build up his tall frame, instead he was directed into the great Sport of Boxing., Steve does not regret being steered into Boxing and has great memories of his involvement in our Sport. For those wishing to hear more about this interesting former Champion may I suggest you attend the Newcastle NSW Past and Present Boxers Dinner to be held at Newcastle Leagues Club on July 28Th. For further details I suggest you phone Ron Grimes on 0411218287.

I am able to confirm that well performed Mark 2 Sharp Lucas (no relation) has now retired. He has trained with Nudge Miele on the South Coast from Sydney and is a former Olympian with a very impressive record. Mark has an impressive record as a Professional of 9-0 and is the OPBF Champion. Mark is a very capable Professional and will be missed by many of his Fans.

For those who aren’t familiar with the sport of Rugby League I would like to tell you of a rising Star. He is Josh Addo Carrand he plays on the wing with the Melbourne Storm team. Addo comes from Sydney and is a first-class Player for his Club and in the rugged State of Origan Contest between NSW and QLD. He certainly has some good blood lines as his Grandfather is former World Class Boxer Wally Carr, a former Australian Champion and International Class Boxer.

I am aware I have mentioned this previously, so here I go again, how come when we have a visitor, Boxer and Trainer, that more often than not they are in the corner on their own? I often see this and wonder why one of the resident Trainers doesn’t offer to assist in the corner? I sit and watch these people struggle in between rounds and I am often perplexed to see this.

Anyone who knows me would know that I attend as many as possible Promotions in NSW and always find it terrific as all our Boxing people are so friendly. When watching some of our newer prelim Boxers I often wonder why they have not been told to bite down on their mouthguard? I do go back a long way I know, however going back it was always good advice to tell Boxers to bite down in an attempt at preventing Jaw injuries?

I attended another good Promotion by Hana Nasari recently and arrived in time to see most of the Amateur League Contests, they are in my opinion the superior Amateur Organisation and have well matched quality Bouts. One thing I noticed in particular was the number of Female Boxing Bouts on the card and each was of good well trained and well taught Boxers.

I do read so-called “Social Media” and often am amused by the outrageous comments people make in relation to our Sport of Boxing. I am the first to admit I am no 100% expert on the Sport of Boxing, however I do claim to know something, having been involved one way or another for many years. I do see names of contributors who I have never seen or heard of and they express opinions as if they were World Class Trainers and Officials. It is interesting and amusing to read, I often wonder where exactly some gained their well promoted experience. I am well aware that everyone is entitled to an opinion, however there are some who come across as would be experts who may have never been to a Gym or to a Promotion.

Some years ago, now I travelled to London on a regular basis and on many occasions became aware of Un-Licensed Boxing Promotions which were to be held while I was there. Many times, colleagues would ask if I was interested, I never did go as I thought it was completely wrong to go and watch some Boxers who were well past it to be going around. These Promotions featured several over the hill former Champions who had fallen on hard times and could not get a Licence from the British Boxing Board and were in need of cash. On reflection I am happy I never did attend; however, I remain concerned that this at one time happened, and may still occur to this day.

I recently heard an interview with a well-known Boxing Promoter, who has been in the business for many years. Therewere many interesting comments from this person who is aBoxing Promoter on the other side of the World. He first up posed one question, “how many Olympic Champions went on to become legitimate World Boxing Champions in the Professional arena?” In his opinion not as many as one would imagine. One comment was that if Family had of kept out of attempting to manage a few of his Boxers they would have gone on much better, earned more money and perhaps would have become Legends. One particular Boxer he promoted when this bloke had him was Boxing 4 times a year then his Family stepped in and it became 2 times. This in the Promoters mind is not enough provided the Boxer is not getting hurt, when fighting. The Family had said that the Boxer now had 4 Sponsors so could he fight once a year? The Promoter said NO that is how guys get hurt, if he wants to look after Sponsors give up Boxing and sell the products who sponsor him. He said if he sticks to training and Boxing on a regular basis he will earn more and become a Legend. Another one of his successes turned out to be a heavy drinker of alcohol he was told to stop yet with Family encouragement continued, this of course shortened what could have been a far more successful and outstanding Career. Each time he had to prepare to Box he had heaps of weight to lose, not good in such a tough hard Sport, some Boxer’s Families have been very good and supportive, unfortunately not all Families. Most Promoters are investors in the Sport of Boxing, they spot talent and go on to develop that Talent. I feel we should all understand that without Promoters who invest their time and much money the great Sport of Professional Boxing would wither on the vine.

Interesting News we will have a big Promotion on a Sunday at Club Punchbowl in Sydney. Innovative Promoter Paul Nasariis always trying different ways to stir interest in our great Sport.

See you next round.

Charlie Lucas.

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