Mitch Leek Wins Vacant Middleweight Title over Rodriguez

The main event of the Jake Ellis promotion on 4th May at the Melbourne Pavilion was Mitchell Leek versus Adrian Rodriguez for Vacant Men’s Australian Middleweight Title.

Mitchell came in with a record of 9 wins and no losses while Adrian was a former Australian champion with a record of 13 wins, 8 losses and 2 draws. The match started with Adrian moving forward and appearing dangerous, while Mitchell showed both patience and his developing boxing skills in both defence and offence. As the contest developed Mitchell started to open-up with some sold punches that appeared to hurt Adrian.  However, Adrian also had his moments and landed some good punches.

The fight lasted 10 rounds with both boxers giving it their all, in what was a fine Australian title contest.  The final score as all judges having 100/90 for the winner and new Men’s Australian Middleweight champion, Title Mitchell Leek.

We congratulate Mitchell on his great performance and of becoming the Men’s Australian Middleweight champion.


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