Marco Romeo New ANBF Australasian Welterweight Champion.

The Grand Vaudeville Ballroom Bankstown Trotting Club Sydney NSW.


Marco Romero     V     Jorge Kapeen.

At the Weigh Inn the evening before Kapeen failed to make the Welterweight Limit and understood if he won then he would not be awarded the Title.

The bout was off to a quick beginning from the bell with Romeo in control dictating terms and landed many solid right hands to the body as he showed he was in control. The second round was similar to the first with Romeo in charge, however Kapeen looked and moved more positively and landed several to the body of Romeo. At the beginning of this round Romeo was positive as possible and landed many right hands over the top of Kapeen’s jab Romeo seemed to be increasing speed  this round and landed many solid shots. This round Kapeen landed several blows to both head and body early, however this spurred Romeo into action and he  blasted away at Kapeen had him trapped in a corner and punched  away incessantly  During the break the Ringside Doctor visited Kapeen’s corner and cleared him to continue. In this next round Romeo seemed to be spurred on attacking the body of Kapeen who however moved well and did not appear to be effected, Romeo was clearly in control of the Bout. This round saw Romeo again eager to get into the action  was very aggressive for the most part with Kapeen landing on the canvas for a mandatory 8 count. After the required count the Referee Les Fear cleared him to resume and the bell sounded soon after. Romeo was eager to begin this round and was in attack immediately from the bell, however both Boxers appeared to be tiring somewhat. A deal of holding and pushing caused some intervention and  direction from the Referee. The Final round saw both Boxers trading from the get go and Kapeen did lead more and was landing both hands, this spurred Romeo into action and the crowd who had enjoyed the bout  witnessed an exciting Final round.

The Result was announced by the Ring Announcer Rick Powell  as a Unanimous Points Decision to Marco Romeo and the New ANBF Australasian Welterweight Champion.

All Judges agreed with final Points 80-71

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