Australian Female Welterweight Champ

Enja Ryan. Womens Australian Welterweight Champion.


The Defence by local Boxer Enja Ryan of her Australian National Boxing Federation Welterweight Title was held in the Country Town’s rather big Town Hall which for theoccasion was packed to capacity.
This is possibly the first time in the great Sport of Professional Boxing anywhere in the World husband and Wife have been at one time National Professional Boxing Champions
Enja is the current Welterweight Champion while her still active husband Wade is a Former ANBF Champion. This amplifies how the World of Sport Amateur and Professional has changed.The bout for Enja’s Title was a Challenge from well credentialed Boxer/Kickboxer from the ACT Zoe Putorak. Both had weighed in the evening before and were at the correct

Rd.1. These two active fit Boxers we not interested in any warmup rounds and were directly into action once the bell had rung. Putorak the taller of the two lead consistently and used her reach advantage to her credit. While Ryan moved forward ducking and counter punching.Rd.2. Again Putorak, who seemed to be the heavier handed of the two was dominant in the early part of the round, however Ryan hesitated and continued using good counter punches. Putorak used her quicker hand speed wisely as early on seemed to dominate.Rd. 4. The fourth round was all action even more so than the earlier rounds, with both Boxers trading blows almost one for one. However now we saw more combinations from the Defending Champion Ryan as she landed some good right hands to the head and body.Rd. 5. From the beginning of the round, we saw Champion Ryan landing her strong left-hand lead followed up by a heavy right hand to the body.Rd. 6. During the break, Putorak didn’t bother to sit down and stood as she did for the entire bout. Both Boxers were super fit and neither one showed any signs of exhaustion. When the bell rang, they were both straight into action and traded for the full two minutes. Putorak was dominant this round and finished strongly with blows to the body.Rd. 7. After copping a strong tack from the Champion Ryan, we saw the Challenger attempt to redeem herself by finishing the round strongly with a couple of rallies and a good left hook.Rd.8. The Champion Enja Ryan was relaxed in the corner while her husband Wade Ryan and Trainer Dave Syphers prepared her for the final round. Once the bell rang, she was straight into action and looked like a strong finish was in her thoughts as she again moved forward landing heavy right hands and was dominant for the entire round.

When the scores were announced the local crowd were very pleased to hear that their local Australian Champion had not been defeated.



Michael Maizey: 79-74 Putorak     Natasha Chapman: EVEN   Ian Batty: 70-75 Ryan   A Draws and the Champion Enja Ryan retains her ANBF Welterweight Title.










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