7-Day Registration of Interest for the ANBF Men’s Australian Welterweight Title

On 1st July 2022 the management of the ANBF Men’s Australian Welterweight champion Ben Kite informed the ANBF that Ben Kite was relinquishing the Australian Welterweight title to retire from boxing.  We congratulate Ben on his  boxing Career (twice Australian champion and Australasian champion) and his reign as the Men’s Australian Welterweight champion, and we wish Ben all the best for the future.

Consequently the ANBF Men’s Australian Welterweight title is declared vacant (ANBF Rule 84 (1)), and a 7 day “Registration of Interest Period” has commenced (ANBF Rule 75).  The  Registration of Interest Period will conclude at midnight on Tuesday 9th August 2022.

During this time interested promoters / managers may lodge a “Registrations of Interest” with the ANBF National Secretary of matches they wish to be considered to compete for the vacant ANBF Men’s Australian Welterweight Title.   (Please note that registrations of single boxers will not be considered.  Rule 75.1 (6) (b) states “Only established matches will be considered”.)

only applications that are provided with the knowledge and consent of the boxers nominated will be accepted.

Lodgement is to Andrew Campbell via email acampbell@marsdenjacob.com.au  (i.e. reply to this email).

The ANBF cannot consider any applications until the Registration of Interest Period has finished.

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