Draw in ANBF Vacant Female Super Featherweight Title

ANBF Vacant Female Super Featherweight Title was held on 11Th December 2021 at the Bankstown Paceway in Sydney. The 2 Contestants were Jessica  Adams  v Tywarna  Campbell scheduled for 8 X 2 Minute Rds.

The Bout got underway with a cracking pace in the first round with both boxers trying to be dominant. The taller Adams used her height and reach to advantage, however  her Opponent Campbell, the daughter of former busy NSW Boxer Adrian Campbell was not to be denied and worked inside as was expected. The second round was similar to the first as Adams continued to take advantage of her height and reach .I n  third round we saw Adams landing several overhand rights while Campbell came back again with an attack to the body. The fourth was similar while Adams appeared to be in control for most of the round. The fifth was another action round packed round with with Campbell now stepping up the pace with her body attack. The action was halted by Referee Les Fear while he had a serious talk to Adams regarding the reckless use of her head causing a cut  to the left eye of Campbell. In the sixth round Campbell seemed to be troubled by the cut eye which continued to bleed, however she punched often and hard to the body of her opponent Adams. The crowd were screaming to her to continue, which she did from my view and  won the round clearly. At the beginning of the seventh round Campbell came forward and even though her eye continued to bleed she did not take a backward step and punished Adams to the body again. The final round we saw the action continue without either Boxer slowing, Campbell was working hard and was  damaging Adams with her relentless attack.

A Draw was the decision which was accepted by the large Crowd



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