Flanagan is now a two time Australian Cruiserweight Champion.

The Townsville Exhibition Centre, hosted Mark Flanagan and Ben Kelleher  to contest the vacant Australian Cruiserweight title.

From the first bell, Mark got on the offensive and stalked Ben and applied pressure. Landing hard shots to the head and body.

Ben managed to soak up Marks shots and make it a competitive first round by landing his own counter shots and having success with his jab.

In round 2, Mark upped his aggression and caught Ben in the corner, again landing very hard shots to the head and body. Ben went down from a body shot. He bravely rose to his feet to finish that round.

Rounds 3 and 4 saw Mark stalk and try to finish but Ben kept moving and managed to keep Mark at bay.

In the 5th, Mark again pinned Ben on the ropes and dropped him with a heavy combination. Ben rose of the canvass and was allowed to continue but the towel came in shortly after to halt the fight.


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