Jenkins Unaminous points victor for Aussie Super Middleweight crown

At the East  Cessnock Bowling Club on Saturday 18Th May we saw a fabulous well run Promotion at this new venue for established Promoter Rob Fogaty. With an Amateur League undercard and 3 Professional Bouts the venue was close to being packed. The first ANBF Bout for the Vacant Super Middleweight Title between Josh Jenkins V Blake Travers was an all action fight from go to woe, both these Boxers were in superb condition they rarely stopped throwing punches for the 10 round distance. During the Bout Jenkins worked his way into a positive position by with good counter punching and fast hands. At the conclusion Jenkins was declared a unanimous points victor, this was a definite step forward for Jenkins and it is to be hoped we see him Defending this worthwhile Title in the future. 

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