Australasian Title Status 6 March 2019

On Tues 5th February the ANBF emailed out the New Rules for the ANBF Australasian Title, and noted that all divisions of this title (men and women) were vacant.

Since that time we have sanctioned three Australasian title contests.  In the same manner as the ANBF Australian title, the ANBF will be emailing an Australasian Title Status Sheet on a monthly basis.   This is attached for 6 March 2019.  As yet there have been no requests for women’s Australasian title contests and so no women’s status sheet is attached.


Please note that Adam Height is the ANBF director managing the ANBF Australasian title.   Adam’s contact details are email:, and mobile 0405 027 922.


ANBF – Men’s Australasian Title Status 6 Mar2019

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